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How to Naturally Heal Yourself from Colds & Flus

In this day and age, cold and flu season is year-round. Nearly every six weeks a new bug starts going around. Due to the widespread use of antibiotics and resulting antibiotic-resistant superbugs, pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and fungi) today have become stronger than ever before. Having a simple cold or flu can be a pretty nasty experience, and in some cases, even life-threatening. For these reasons, I want you to be equipped with the tools you need to heal yourself from these bugs without causing any harm or side-effects!

I'm going to share with you the exact measures I have used to heal myself, my loved ones, and my clients of all kinds of infections.

First off, the number one key to clearing up any infection naturally is raw organic garlic. This is the foundation for recovery and replaces the need for an antibiotic.

"One raw crushed clove of garlic contains the antibiotic equivalent of 100,000 units of penicillin and has been proven to be more effective than both penicillin and tetracycline in suppressing certain types of disease carrying agents."

- Anthony William (Medical Medium)

Naturally Heal from Colds & Flus

Garlic runs on a frequency that destroys only harmful bacteria - unlike antibiotics, which wipe out your much-needed healthy flora as well. And garlic is not just an antibacterial agent; it kills off all types of invaders, including viruses and fungi.

When you have an active infection, you should take one crushed clove of garlic 3 times per day, every day until after you start feeling better. Ideally, you should spread out your dosages. Take one in the morning, one mid-day, and one in the evening.

Now, usually when I tell people that they have to take raw garlic, they panic a little bit. I can imagine you, too, are worried about the taste and the smell! I was really sensitive to garlic when I started doing this myself, so I had to come up with a system that would work.

The method I recommend is to take a clove, crush it, and chop it up into a bunch of little, tiny pieces.

You're probably not going to be able to swallow all of the pieces at once, so you can separate the pieces into smaller sub-doses. The three piles you see in the images below came from one clove of garlic. Each of these sub-doses can be swallowed all-together like a pill. I recommend using some sort of healthy flavored liquid, such as orange juice or lemon water, to wash each sub-dose down. To prevent tasting the garlic, as well as smelling like it all day, I recommend putting a good amount of liquid in your mouth before the garlic, so that you can drop the garlic pieces on top of the liquid and immediately swallow. This way, the garlic never really touches your mouth.

Keep in mind that depending on what pathogens you may have present, you may be more reactive to garlic at first.

Some people, myself included, experience detox-like symptoms when they take garlic for the first time. The reactions can range from nausea, to headaches, gas, bloating, and more. If this happens to you, don't be afraid! It is the rapid die-off process of the bugs you have causing these symptoms, not the garlic. And if they do occur, they typically subside after the first few cloves.

I know this may sound a little scary, but keep in mind that it is the inherent abrasiveness of garlic that makes it so powerful. And it is these powerful healing properties that are going to restore your health.

I once had a severe case of strep throat to the point where my throat was so swollen with white bumps I could barely breathe. As I took the first clove of garlic, I could literally feel the bumps on the back of my throat melting away. I completely cleared up that infection without the use of any medications in less than 48 hours.

I have so many other powerful garlic healing stories from clients, family, friends, and more of my own personal experience.

Garlic is a true infection-clearing powerhouse and should be the first thing you bring in and focus on when you are sick. If you are absolutely opposed to the idea of taking raw garlic, then you can take garlic capsules instead.


Other helpful healers for any cold or flu include:

  • Ionic Zinc Sulfate - feeds and bolsters immune cells, acts as antiseptic

  • Elderberry Syrup - replaces traditional cough syrup, boosts immune system

  • Vitamin C: Ester-C, liposomal C, or food sources like oranges (for the latter option, you have to eat a large amount of the food; 5-10 oranges per day, for example)

  • Periodic goldenseal (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) - powerful natural antibiotic

  • B12 as adenosylcobalamin with methylcobalamin - feeds immune cells

  • Echinacea - immune booster

  • Eyebright - destroys flus and streptococcus bacteria

  • Selenium - repairs tissues damaged by infectious agent

  • Celery juice - kills pathogens, strengthens body systems, has strong alkalizing effect

  • Hawaiian Spirulina - serves as a powerful multivitamin, supports rapid healing

  • Drink lots of fresh lemon water - alkalizes the body to prevent proliferation of and flushes out pathogen(s)

You don't have to do everything, but the more, the better. Especially if you are chronically ill, or get sick often. In these cases you really want to support your body and bolster your immune system in every way you possibly can.

Food is also extremely important.

Something that has not yet been discovered by science is the fact that pathogens feed on the foods (and all of their derivatives) listed in the image below. These foods (even organic/non-GMO versions) will rapidly feed whatever cold or flu bug you have in your system, help it grow stronger and proliferate, and contribute greatly to all of the symptoms you're experiencing.

Naturally Heal Yourself from Colds & Flus

If you want to truly clear an infection and stay healthy, you have to avoid these foods. You also have to focus your diet on fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Each of these foods has numerous unique healing properties. All fruits, vegetables, and herbs are also highly cleansing and anti-pathogenic.

A helpful healing recipe is Medical Medium's healing broth.

Now, let's talk symptom relief.

While your body is fighting off the infection, there are natural remedies for the symptoms you may experience in the meantime.

Sore muscles/chest congestion: Dr. Bronner's Magic Balm

Headaches: Peppermint essential oil rubbed into the openings of the nostrils or massaged with a carrier oil into the scalp

Congestion/sinus pressure: Boil an onion and place face (carefully) over the steam for a few minutes to break up congestion in head. You can also hang eucalyptus on your showerhead for a similar effect


There are other individual supplements, foods, herbs, and more that can be even more powerful for killing off specific infections, such as pneumonia (which is actually streptococcus bacteria), influenza, and more. To receive more personalized guidance and dosage recommendations, consult with me or another qualified healthcare practitioner.

Natural healing is not a quick fix, but it is so worth it. As you build up your "farmacy" and natural medicine cabinet with the products above and start using these remedies frequently, you will strengthen your entire immune system, fortify every cell in your body, and actually begin to slow the rate of occurrence of infection.

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